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reason to cheer. nbc's katy tur has our report again tonight from south williamsport, p.a. >> reporter: tonight, all eyes will be here on this small stadium in the pennsylvania wild. taking the field, giants among little leaguers. mo'ne davis and the philadelphia taney dragons versus chicago's ja jackie robinson's west. >> 7-4 chicago. >> you're a confident man. >> i'm confident because the kids are confident. >> reporter: is anyone better than you? >> sorry, but nobody. >> reporter: not philly? >> not philly. >> reporter: coach darrell butler and his son d.j. are chicago's best little league hope in 31 years. >> just have fun with it, okay? >> okay. >> reporter: an all african-american team of 13 boys from chicago's south side. >> seeing what these kids are doing is showing the other side of chicago that you might not hear about. >> reporter: why don't you think baseball is a big deal in the african-american community anymore? >> baseball to me is a sport that fathers pass down to their kids. my father taught me the game. so i teach my son the game. with no fathers in the home, it's k
and these storms looking as though theytheys but do i want to show you up near williamsport north and west, it is a severe thunderstorm warnin that particular cell and moving south and eastlliamsport. that is ly coming county where williamsport is>> youorms popped western suburbs, lancaster county and another one on i-95 eastern maryland moving in portions of northern delaware here very shortly. we have here in a slight risk for severe weather tonight. that bull's eye they issued late this afternoon severe risk damaging rain and hail with any then are storm that does pop up tonight. future weather, most of these will miss philadelphia to the south and west but in new castle county delaware, southern chester county and kent county delaware watch for storms and cannot rule them out in the city tonight. for that eagles game at lincoln financial feel we will we will keep an eye to the sky as well for that game tonight. the showers and storms to the south overnight. we will see some drying tomorrow morning but unfortunately tomorrow afternoon another round of showers and thunderstor itery frid
world series title alive. and the little leaguers respect the only stars in williamsport tonight. look at this. phillies first baseman, ryan howard, meeting with some of the players and his youngest fans to cheer them on. our taney team has been the talk of the entire country can. >> i will same some big bids are proving it. take a look at this. talk about big bids. this autographed baseball supposedly signed by star pitcher mo'ne davis went for $510 on ebay. the initial asking price was just $9.99. now, several other baseballs claimed to have been signed by mo'ne are up for sale on ebay, as well as autographed covers of her "sports illustrated" magazine issue. >>> a live look from williamsport, where all the action is. still ahead this half house, keith jones talks to nervous fans anxiously awaiting tonight's game. >>> new at 6:00, a lehigh valley man is charged with leaving his three young children alone in his suv while he played blackjack. a security guard at the sands casino in bethlehem discovered the kids locked in the vehicle yesterday morning, 10:15. the kids were 1, 5 and 8 y
chad pradelli is live in williamsport ton. taney faces chicago tonight, to teams from urban environments, quite a match-up and quite a story. >> a great match-up, players on both sides are so humble and so polite it's unfortunate that one team has to lose. it's win or go home but this morning the taney dragons got a major league pep talk. they were doing what kids do, hanging out and playing ping-pong and just relaxing but it's not every day you get to do it with ryan howard. >> my advice was to have fun, go out and have fun. you lost a game but be proud of where you are but you are not finished. >> they have a win or go home game against chicago. another team that captivated this world series. >> they are a feisty ball club and that is the philly style, i am a fan of them and i am prepared to play a tough game today. >> butler says the two teams have created a special bond over the past couple of weeks, he has not revealed his pitcher but jared sprague-lott will take the mound for taney. >> i am cheering for them since day one. >> it seems everyone likes mo'ne and the boys,
preparations before caking the field again tonight at williamsport. they are up against a team from chicago in a must win game. now, what's at stake, advancing to the u.s. championship game on saturday. >> dan they got an idea of just how big they are on the national stage and here at home. >> yes. courtesy of a phillies all star who says they are an inspiration to the big leagues. how cool is that? he was just excited to meet them as they were to spend time with him. >> fox 29's chris o'connell joins us live in williamsport. chris there every step of the way. >> reporter: big day for those guys. they did you know, they basically had the day off but they had a nice visitor more on that in second. 90 minutes away from the win or go home game taney dragons against chicago tonight at 7:30. it was a tough loss last night against las vegas, but they did get a big boost this morning in his name was ryan howard. ryan coming down to williamsport showing some love for the taney dragons. >> he may ab phillies all star, he may have three hadn't dread 29 homeruns, but today ryan howard wasn't a player
and is a star but will not be on the mound tonight. chad pradelli is live in williamsport ton. taney faces chicago tonight, to teams from urban environments, quite a match-up and quite a story. >> a great match-up, players on both sides are so humble and so polite it's unfortunate that one team has to lose. it's win or go home but this morning the taney dragons got a major league pep talk. they were doing what kids do, hanging out and playing ping-pong and just relaxing but it's not every day you get to do it with ryan howard. >> my advice was to have fun, go out and have fun. you lost a game but be proud of where you are but you are not finished. >> they have a win or go home game against chicago. another team that captivated this world
harrisburg, north of williamsport, heavy rain, damaging winds, possibly hail and a lot of lightning. this will be a concern as we go through tonight. as far as the immediate storms, the ones closest to the area, around harrisburg, these storms are approaching lancaster county. if we track this, mostly moving to the east southeast around 25 miles a hour. lower winds, 548, lancaster, 6:10 if they hold together and providence by 6:26. we will zoom out a bit. we do have a few more showers and storms to show, seep some in sussex county, a few pop-up showers around the philadelphia area, those died down. sussex county, see feather near george town, pop-up heavy showers here. these are fairly small, not really moving too much. another shower or thunderstorm dublin, not moving either. we will keep an eye on this four. go through this afternoon and evening, all the weather off to our west with, it is heading in our direction, but you dying down as quickly as they pop up. as we go through this evening, we could certainly see more pop up as we go through the next several hours fairly quickly.
tracking southeast ward. where you see a yellow box one north o williamsport that's an active severe thunderstorm warning. we have seen thunderstorm warnings including a tornado warning southwest of harrisburg. at least been the potential for hail on our storm tracks. a couple of isolated cells tracking do you think eastward down to the northeast corn of maryland down through southern delaware little bit of rain that's just it. now it's quiet so far here in philadelphia. don't think we see the storms for at least a couple more hou hours. but just in time for the eagles game kick off temperature 78 degrees. scatter the thunderstorms much more on this unsettled pattern to come. lucy and iain. >> thank you very much, caitlin. breaking news right now in philadelphia, some crooks out there are targeting our senior citizens. police just went public with details. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live at east detectives to night. shawnette, what are you hearing? >> reporter: lucy, police tell me they're looking for one possibly two people responsible for about a dozen strong armed robberies of m
will look something like this. 30,000 plus fans, under the bright lights of williamsport with two cities hoping their kids can pull it out. >> both teams playing styles are very similar and i think it will be a good, hard for the game, it will come down to the wire. >> reporter: once again first pitch tonight scheduled for 7:30 p.m., in the meantime coming up at our 6:00 o'clock show find out which taney little leaguer challenged ryan her to the home run derby. very interesting to go find out who that is. live from williamsport, matt rivers cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks, matt. >>> she captured hearts of the people across the country but for some mone davis is a ticket to a quick buck. new at 6:00 how people are cashing in on the 13 year-old phenom, and is it right? our todd quinones has the the story. >>> taney faces a a team from chicago tonight at 7:30. if they win the dragons get the a rematch against las vegas in the u.s. championship game on saturday. >>> let's talk weather now. sun and clouds have given way to showers and storms, unfortunate liz and some parts could be in for
with a look at the forecast tonight and important game in williamsport. >> the showers are not that many in our area yet. if you are readed to the link, be prepared for wet weather, very humid out there as well. futurecast shows xhirtd, 5:00, up around williamsport, scattered showers. look as we go through the evening. some of these areas in red would indicate some heavy thunderstorms, there is a potential for some of them to be strong. but as we go through later tonight, we are drying out in williamsport and still have some showers around and showers around the philadelphia area. going to be the night where it doesn't all fall apart at 8, 9:00. 7:00, showers and thunderstorms around the area. and some locally heavy. by 11:00, a chance of a couple showers. farther in the best pennsylvania, things drying out sooner, a chance of showers by 7:00, a lower chance than in philadelphia. and by 10:00, it is mainly dry temperature, 68. i will talk more about the rain we are expecting, not only tonight but tomorrow, the timing of that and the 7-day forecast in a few minutes. >>> other news now bur
they would face the vegas team again on saturday. our chad pradelli is in williamsport with the taney team, look for his live reports this afternoon leading up to tonight's big game. >>> the eagles have another chance to work out the kinks in their defense when they host the pittsburgh steelers at financial field tonight. the bird's d gave up 500 yards in total offense to the new england patriots. they know what they have to do to improve and they will be ready when the season starts. the eagles face the steelers tonight at 7:30, you can see it here on 6 abc we are your official eagles station. >>> the doctor affected with ebola is now out of the hospital, dr. kent brantly is all smiles, he was thrown to atlanta earlier this month where he received an experimental treatment, at emery university hospital. dr. brantly was kept in isolation and doctors say he is c00% healthy, he spoke an hour a itteorr ry hw remgonystosngnay w meoai rleon lyreedf te lasrsn.ted m sndnyfow atnera if stannstiluner,h pf e h il c wa t asrouth l hee aoun eeore o tetsagtrolohasf hnews >>> now, the latest on the situ
with gusty winds or even some hail. threat for showers at williamsport as well. things quiet down a little bit late tonight but then we have the threat of more rain coming in tomorrow. so we have a relatively wet period here for a couple of days at least. at noon 81 degrees, going into the 80s with higher humidity. the shower threat increases as we go through the afternoon and peaks early this evening, just when the eagles are getting ready to take the field. we'll talk more about rain chances and timing for tomorrow and the weekend with the seven-day in a few minutes. >>> the dragon wagon ran into a roadblock last night but the team from philly can still make it to the little league title game. star pitcher mo'ne davis was roughed up last night. she gave up this two-run homer in the second inning. taney had chances to come back but left a lot of runners on base. nevada beat taney 8-1, the dragons first loss of the series. >>> the little league world series is taking place, of course, in williamsport. more than 34,000 people attended last night's game. you see the countdown clock on the sc
the south side of chicago, and abc's gio benitez is at the stadium in south williamsport, pennsylvania, with all the news. good morning to you, gio. >> reporter: oh, good morning, lara. you're right. she did have a rough game. but tonight we're going to be talking about the two teams that have just captivated this nation showing everyone that the little leagues, they're pretty major. tonight, two of the most talked about teams in the little league world series coming face to face and only one will continue on. south side chicago's jackie robinson west team defying the odds, the first little league team from chicago to make it to the world series in 31 years, becoming a social media craze and beacons of hope for some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the country. >> it's over. a complete game. >> reporter: on the other bench philadelphia's taney dragons and their star, mo'ne davis, now gracing the cover of this week's "sports illustrated." she made history with a pitch perfect game friday. the first shutout by a girl in series history. overnight davis took to the mound again with m
. >>> and a big league crowd for a little league game. tens of thousands turn out in south williamsport to see pitching phenom mo'ne davis take the mound in the little league world series. this is the "cbs morning news" for thursday, august 21st, 2014. >>> good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. this morning we are learning more about a failed mission to rescue american journalist james foley and other hostages held in syria. early this summer two dozen u.s. special operations forces were dropped in northern syria by heavily armed blackhawk helicopters. four hostages including foley were thought to be in an oil refinery controlled by isis, but the prisoners were not there. michelle sigona is in new york. >> good morning, anne-marie. the secret nighttime mission was authorized by president obama because it was believed the hostages were in danger. on the ground the u.s. forces exchanged fire with isis militants. one american commando was injured. the rest returned safely. the mission to try to rescue foley and the others was revealed after isis posted a gruesome video of his ex
:30. you can count on nbc10 bring you all the action live from williamsport as the taney dragons take the field in the little league world series. we're back with another local update in 25 minutes. i'm tracy davidson. now back to the "today" show. thanks for watching. >>> 7:30 now on a thursday morning. it's the 21st of august, 2014. here's a really pretty morning in fort myers, florida. and you can share your morning photos with us using t the #todaysunrise. by the way, the music in the background, a good reminder that country sensation hunter hayes will be live on our concert stage tomorrow morning in our 8:30 half hour. come on down. >>> meantime, here's what's making headlines. dr. kent brantly and nancy writebol, the two americans who contracted ebola in africa and were rushed to the u.s. force treatment have been cleared for release from emory university hospital. a news conference being held this morning. we've learned that brantly will be there, then walk out of the hospital. >>> the u.s. is moving ahead with more air strikes on isis militants in iraq following the murder of
today. but look at that thunderstorms headed toward williamsport, pa, right now. again keep ion ultimate doppler all morning long, what we are talking about, some sunshine, ominous clouds out, there as well, 69 degrees at the moment with southeasterly wind at 6 miles an hour, 84% relative humidity, and 85 degrees, high temperature, with mostly cloudy skies, and scattered thunderstorms. tonight cloudy, humid, with another chance of showers and thunderstorms, and a low of 70 degrees. so, that takes care of thursday. weekend forecast is just ahead, but let's get you on the road this morning. and check the schuylkill expressway, westbound, at girard. still that disable truck out there on the shoulder. also deliver ton heights, delaware county, thorndale road between springfield and pen pine boulevard. that house fire causing problems, alternate east providence road. mike? >> okay, get to the news out of atlanta, george a you know the two aid workers infected with the ebola virus are expected to be released from the hospital. doctor kent bratly, nancy, infected while working at missionary cli
for a little league game. tens of thousands turn out in south williamsport to see pitching phenom mo'ne davis take the mound in the little league world series. this is the "cbs morning news" for thursday, august 21st, 2014. >>> good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie gre
and so far 13-year-old mo'ne davis, she's been the talk of williamsport, pennsylvania. she even landed on this week's "sports illustrated" cover, but, you know, as we know that's not always a good thing because of the dreaded "s.i." curse. a huge crowd was on hand last night to watch mo'ne pitch in a semifinals game. early on, she was just mowing batters down. mo'ne struck out six in 2 1/3, but in the end the big bats from las vegas were just too good. they got the win, 3-1, to advance to the championship game. mo'ne and her team from filly will now play chicago in an elimination game tonight. >>> tony stewart will not race in this weekend's nascar event in tennessee. it's the third straight stuart r stewart has skipped since his car struck and killed kevin ward jr. during a dirt track race earlier this month. the head of stewart racing team says he's grieving and isn't yet ready to get back in the car. >>> finally, here's some great news to start your morning w.hall of fame quarterback jim kelly is cancer-free. kelly underwent several rounds of chemotherapy and radiation in the spring
that watched the game that went out to williamsport. they were disappointed with the result but just a wild, fun ride. against hot hitting team from vegas. with 34,000 people on hand, and many more watching here in the city. it was an up and down night for me in a dave hoist struck out six but gave up three runs, after the loss, the dragons manager talked about davis and moving forward. >> there is no question that she didn't have her a game today but she's certainly entitled to that. we're playing at this point we're playing to get to saturday. >> reporter: in the city large crowd cheered at public viewing parties. many fans took buses out to williamsport and returning early this morning they remain upbeat. >> it was really fun. we are so happy for cheyney and city of philadelphia. >> reporter: dragons may be down but they are in the out. today they will face chicago in thee limb nation round with the winner going on to play vegas in the championship. >> i think, they are great and they have potential to win it. i'm just saying. >> you can only go forward from here. >> so we're still behin
for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. >>> that's a live picture right now williamsport, pennsylvania. just a few hours ago, the sensation mo'ne davis was on the bump. more than 30,000 people. it was like 35,000 actually turned out to see her. she is just off the cover of "sports illustrated" at 13 years old leading her philly team against a squad against las vegas. she struck out six batters in 2 1/3 innings and gave you three runs and left the game after 55 pitches on a pitch count. the short start means davis will be eligible to pitch in tonight's elimination game. they lost last night but they get another chance tonight. 8-1 vegas won last night. vegas advances to the u.s. title game on saturday. if pennsylvania can win tonight against chicago and mo'ne davis pitches tonight and they have a chance to play on saturday for the title. what an incredibly story. >> remember harvey updike. the alabama fan arrested for poisoning a tree. he pleaded guilty to the crime and spent time in jail. now updike make his amends with the auburn community after agreeing to attend a charity event in s
. >>> a live picture this morning, a look at the little league world series complex in williamsport which you can call philadelphia north. so many fans went there as they went there tonight everyone deserves a second chance. that's what the dragons have tonight after losing in the little league world series. if the philly hometown team can bounce back, they'll still have a shot at the championship. mo'ne davis gave up the two-run home 34 in the second inning. taney had its chances to come back. they had bases loaded in the fourth. three runners stranded in the fifth. and nevada pitching snuffed out the dragons and taney loses 8-1 last night. >> that's the real good team, it may be the best that we faced this year but i mean, she certainly wasn't looking and pitching like she typically does. >> he doesn't think there was a "sports illustrated" jinx. and he doesn't think that media distractions affected her pitching back in philadelphia, the courtyard at city hall was packed with dragons fans. mayor nutter hosted the party for the second time last night. mo'ne davis' grandmother told us she is
live from williamsport. >>> there's another major security breach this affect us locally. maribel abers is live at the nasdaq in time square. >> reporter: ups delivered bad news, a computer virus affected 100,000 transactions in the philadelphia area. ups store on the 1400 block of route 70 in cherry hill was breached from april 29 to august 11. >>> delaware is the first state to give heirs access to online accounts of those who died. the law is the first of its kind and took effect last week. other states such as connecticut and rhode island give executors limited access to e-mail accounts. >>> the tooth fairy feels the pinch for a slugy economy. the going rate is 3.40 cents that's 30% drop. visa did a survey. they lunched the tooth fairy calculator app to help. teach your kids the value of compound interest early, think how much it would be worth now. the bigger the tooth the more you should get. >> my parents were like a quarter is what you get. >> reporter: it was 50 cents tops in my house, but that was a while ago. storm tracker 6 live double scan, we have nothing in the w
good team, matter of fact. we're in fact live in williamsport. we haven't given up. recapping the game, looking ahead to tonight's game n prime time once again high, i'm mike jerrick. >> i'm kerrey barrett. >> good to see you, august the 21st, 2014. >>> boy, it was pretty pleasant night last night. all be it a little rainy. >> yes, yes. >> and humid. >> it was humid. >> what to wear to work. >> the back of my head is sweat. >> i it is gross. >> do you want to feel it, sue? >> maybe later. >> okay. >> ya. reserve a space for me, please. >> sure. >> one thing i know won't be happening, the front of your head will not be getting your face painted today, right? >> no, i still have paint in my ears. >> i bet you do. i'll look at that later, too. six out of ten today, some sunshine, seasonable temperatures, but, clouds, humid, showers, thunderstorms, all that in the forecast for today. bus stop buddy has umbrella, means it is sticky out there, the possibility of storms, mostly later on in the day, you see some thunderstorms headed toward williamsport once again, and there are more in the for
a one to nothing lead in the first inning last night. mo'ne davis has not allowed a run in williamsport until that one. vegas team had hitters and great defensive plays as well and beat dragons eight-one. it is okay they still have hope. fans are in the losing their faith, hope or pride despite last night's loss. >> "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan joins us at city hall and cleve, really do or die time tonight for dragons are fans nervous. >> reporter: i don't think fans are necessarily nervous because they knew last night was tough. las vegas has within really hot in this tournament but they see it in as another opportunity. the phillies stunning this year so everybody wants to root for some kind of baseball. lets go back to the game v exciting but not quite, satisfying experience for fans of the taney dragons who made that trek out to williamsport, many jumping on the bus and returning early this morning. they watched nervously as pitching phenom mo'ne davis struggled at time against that powerful las vegas line up. the stage has been getting bigger and bigger for dragons playin
team in williamsport. >>> and we're track showers and possible storms for this afternoon. tonight and tomorrow get ready for a cooldown. good morning, welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm chris cato. the taney dragons just want to make it more dramatic. that's what's going to happen. they're going to come back and win. >> i hope you're right. >> our dragon pride is not being rained on this morning. >> well, we may get rain, though, let's check with brittney about that. >> that's right, i like your narrative. we'll also see a chance of showers for the little league world series in williamsport, then clearing as we head into the rest of the evening. but a closer look outside right now, clear skies increase as we head into the rest of the morning and afternoon. it is a mild start. temperatures at 70 degrees already in allentown. mid-60s in pottstown. 66 degrees in blue bell. 65 in washington township. 65 degrees in mt. holly. right along the shore, 72 in avalon. 70 degrees in lewis. today's high 84 degrees, as we go into tomorrow that is the beginning of a s
facing a tough chicago team in the singlee limb nation game that is tonight in williamsport. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan joins us at city hall where fans have been gathering to rally behind the home team, cleve. >> reporter: those fans are finally getting to sleep after a very exciting note, a little bit disappointing night. taney came up a little bit short but the good news it is not over just yet the taney dragons took the field in front of the rocking crowd in williamsport wednesday night as they went to work against hot hitting team from las vegas. with 34,000 people on hand and many more watching in the city. it was an up and down night for pitching sensation mo'ne dave hoist struck out six but gave up three early runs. after the loss dragons manager talked about davis and moving forward. >> there is no question she didn't have her a game today but she's certainly entitled to that. we're at this point playing to get to the saturday. >> in the city large crowds cheered in public viewing parties. many fans, took buses out to williamsport and returning early this morning, th
picture now of the little league world series complex in williamsport. and you could call it philadelphia north. that's because more than 34,000 people attended last night's game. most of those from the philadelphia area to cheer on the hometown team up there. they'll be there again tonight for what's now a must-win game for the taney dragans in philadelphia. the countdown clock continues. 14 hours away from taney taking on the team from chicago, illinois, in that elimination game. first pitch for 7:30. last night, the dragon wagon ran into a bit of a road block. taney lost. now last night, mo'ne davis great in her last two starts was roughed up a bit. especially early on in the second inning, she gives up this two-run homer. now, taney had the chance to come back. they.bases loaded. nevada pitching snuffed out the threat and the dragons lost 8-1. back in philadelphia, the court haul backed with fans. mayor nutter at a watch party again last night. after the dragans lost, the crowd was down but not out. listen to mo'ne davis' grandmother. >> i really believe when she plays chicago, she's
's game against pennsylvania. marcus is in williamsport, where caught-up with some locals who have developed a special bond with the south siders. >> ed and richard have lived in the area for 40 years. a few weeks every summer they're known by another name. >> the cost uncle. >> little league world series of golf for three decades. it's like a team host. with the squad from the time their bus pulls up to the time it pulls away. >> get here in the morning to wake them up to make sure they have breakfast and that they are the right field at the right time. if the managers and coaches will manage and coach. we do everything else. >> every volunteer is randomly paired with one team for the whole state. this year they drew the great lakes champion, jackie robinson west. >> the great history part of urban development and it's great to see inner city kids getting out and playing baseball. good to see the have a place to do it. >> the go for around like 12 year-old kids. it's a different story when the gap between the lines. how would you go out and stand in front of 40,000 people live and
in maryland, eastern shore, and williamsport is dry for the moment, but as we keep an eye on the little league wormed series, thunderstorms in the forecast for later on for them, as well. 86 degrees was yesterday's high temperature, 85 is the average hi, 69 degrees where we are right now, southeasterly wind 6 miles an hour, gives us relative humidity of 84%, so it is pretty sticky out there. and 85 will be our high today. got to watch out for scattered showers, thunderstorms this afternoon, specially if you are at the beach or at the pool. and then tonight, we're down to 70 degrees, more clouds, more showers, more thunderstorms, there is your foxcast, it is 5:01 on your thursday morning. still, going on in north philadelphia, north broad, between tioga and venango, this road remains closed because of an accident, here are your alternatives, 13th street, or north 15th street. also, in robinsville, new jersey, 195 eastbound between new jersey turnpike and route 526 construction blocking the left lane until about 6:00 a.m. kerry? >> sue, thanks. it is 5:02 this morning, breaking news from temple
struggled here in williamsport. mo'ne davis gave up hits to the first two beater and las vegas took a one to nothing lead. she ended her night on the mound down three to nothing but with six strike outs in innings. last veg oz ended taneyes there with great defensive plays and added more runs. they beat the dragons eight-one. the taney's coach say mo'ne gave everything that they had. >> just heard to see that. >> yes. >> they are not out. >> no, they have another game tonight. fans made a trip to williamsport just got home to philadelphia. >> "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is live at city hall as taney pride is still going strong. they are down maybe a little bit but not out, right cleve. >> reporter: that is right, doubly limb nation it is all good for taney dragons but they have to have a short memory to get over last night's loss. no audio. >> all right. welshing cleve is having a technical difficulties with his mike. a lot of those philadelphia residents heading back now from the game, maybe a little bit sad. >> i can imagine, a little tired and sad. >> but taney is not out ju
back in the fifth. the dragons lost 8-1. nbc10's matt delucia is live in williamsport. so, matt, a tough loss for taney. the good news, they'll be back at it today. >> reporter: yeah, tracy, not often that you get a second chance but this is still double elimination. and taney will get that chance later tonight zens chicago. let me show you lamade stadium. right now it's dark and quiet. they did have the tarp out here. we did get rain but that rain held off until after the game. it was a packed house. i was watching as the team received a warm welcome. every time mo'ne's name was announced there was cheering. it was not mo'ne's night, though. after that "sports illustrated" cover came out featuring the star female pitcher people out here and also media wondered if that old "sports illustrated" curse that has seemingly doomed other athletes would come and haunt this team. but taney manager alan tice said he knew that las vegas would come out and play. the coach said there was no question that mo'ne did not have her "a"-game last night. at this point they were playing to get to sa
of a storm is in williamsport for and 73 degrees. through the day looks fairly cloudy and maybe sunny breaks and there's a chance of a shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon or evening. we'll go with the high of 85. warm and humid, sun and clouds as the day goes on. mainly in the afternoon and evening we'll be on the look out for a spotty shower or thunderstorm. tomorrow mostly cloudy and 80, there could showers around at times, we are looking at improvement for the weekend. saturday we may have a struggle kicking out the clouds, and pleasant high for august 77 degrees and 78, partly sunny on sunday. the rest of the forecast for the first part of next week's workweek looks good. getting warmer back to 84 on wednesday. that's a nice stretch of weather starting saturday. >>> new on "action news," a california highway patrol officer caught on camera repeatedly punch a woman in the face could if i say criminal charges. he is accused of assaulting the 51-year-old. he was put on desk assignment and now he has been placed on paid administrative leave. >>> emergency responders had to use a bask a
the wake-up call for us in williamsport. we'll go there live to check in with matt in about 30 minutes. stay with us for that. >> you to the unrest in ferguson, missouri, protesters once again hit the streets there but in smaller numbers and there was no violence. thunderstorms in that area did have a and in keeping the crowds down. police say things were relatively quiet. they did arrest six people but that was way down from the night before when 47 were arrested. attorney general eric holder was in ferguson, he met with fbi leaders and michael brown's parents. he's promising a fair investigation into the shooting of brown. >>> and back in this area, demonstrators again gathered in philadelphia to protest the shooting. people chanted and held signs as they marched from love park to police headquarters last night. police escorteded crowds through the streets in a second night of peaceful protests in philadelphia. >>> this morning, we're learning of a failed mission to rescue hostages of militants. president obama said he sent a secret mission to rescue a number held by militants but he
, but nothing around here. and we checkup in williamsport, nothing happening right now with rain, but there will be some scattered thunderstorms around we think by game time tonight. scattered thunderstorms, cloudy, humid, 78 degrees, at game time. so we'll keep an eye on that situation once again. it was a warm wednesday, with the high yesterday of 86 degrees, average high is 85, so it was a pretty typical august afternoon for these parts. 70 degrees right now, with southeasterly breeze at 6 miles an hour, relative humidity at 81%, sunrise happens at 6:18 this morning. let's check some other temperatures, because it is kinds of muggy. sixty-four in lancaster, 70 in philadelphia, wilmington, trenton and reading and allentown, 64 yeast in the poconos, and double six areas down in millville, new jersey. these are temperatures that are about the same as they were yesterday at this time. and dew points are still in the 60s. it is not oppressive humidity, but it is a little on the muggy side out there. not much of a winds either, or a breeze, to calm things down. that's what's going o
williamsport to see pitching phenom mo'ne davis take the mound in the little league world series. this is the "cbs morning news" for thursday, august 21st, 2014.
watched with friends of some of the players but we'll begin in williamsport. matt rivers has late reaction from the taney coach. matt? >> reporter: chris, all in all a tough day out here for the taney dragons an tough game for may know davis taken out of the game in the top of the third after giving up three runs and the dragons eventually lost tonight's game to nevada by a final score of eight to one. we have some footage to show you from this game this great game here in william port tonight. as you can see, things did not go well right off the bat more or less. mo'ne gave up two run homerun in the second inning and nevada went up three to nothing. the dragons did not go quietly. they had their chances scoring a run on pass ball in the bottom of forth up to go narrow the score to three to one they even load the bases with no outs in that same inning but defensive may by the nevada second baseman doubled up the runner at first. the dragons did not score again. this nevada team certainly a force to be reckoned with and they are a very good hitting team as well as a strong pitching team. th
in front of more than 30,000 in williamsport pennsylvania 13 year old davis on the mound top 1st she gave up a run but also struck out the side in the first bottom 1st/ 1-0 nevada nevada's alex parker makes a great diving catch to save 2 runs and mo'ne she can't believe it top 2nd davis gives up a 2-run home run to dalin cave 3-0 nevada top 3rd davis is replaced her stats 2 1/3 ip, 6 hits, 3 runs, 6 k's final: 8-1 nevada but mo'ne is still alive if they can beat illinois tomorrow they will advance to the u.s. championship in a rematch against nevada she won't be eligible to pitch tomorrow but she will pitch against nevada if they win this is video from the niners first practice at levi's a few weeks ago. but today harbaugh cut short their final open practice there and pulled his team off the field because players kept losing their footing. apparently huge divots of grass were flying everywhere. and rather than risk injury the team left the stadium in favor of their practice field which is adjacent to the stadium the niners tweeted an apology to fans who came to see practice and also said
williamsport building for this one top first give it to give up our and set-asides and the first gives up six strikeouts and to have theirs in ending spirit however cheated give up a to run home run and nevada are parker and the catch 13 fell to or to score two runs there but saved games for them she goes on the loose with philadelphia eight to one and the ball game but she page outstanding can open the floodgates following when she came out in the final score 81 however they are still live at the world series play again tomorrow at the double elimination tournament wade davis pitching well but the so fund watcher >> : amazing is adjusted a picture for growth she's just a good pitcher >> : 70 mi. an hour big deal >> : seattle of the >> : (male announcer) in new york city's war on crime, the worst criminal offenders are pursued by the detectives of the major case squad. these are their stories. hi. so, it's me, willow. again. a lot of you commented on the fight that holden and i had in yesterday's video. [whisperiring] it wasn't really a fight. granted, a few of the things he said did hurt me,
" reporter chad pradelli is live from williamsport and chad, most impressive number tonight, 34,128, the number of fans who watched this game. >> reporter: yes, jim, it was an electric, crowd, a great crowd, also pro taney. if you want to take a poll of most of the fans they watched mo'ne davis and rest of the the crew. that number 34,000 plus was almost identical to the last game involving taney and fans, they got to see a pretty good game. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> reporter: until the end the game was close, the taney dragons hung in there tough. it was a game of highs and lows but several great defensive plays, by las vegas ended at least two taney rallies and the dragons suffer its first defeat of the little league world series. >> tough loss for taney. >> it was but they played a great game and we were holding on until last minute thinking they would come back but overall fun anyway. >> reporter: mo'ne davis started and pitched well. she struck out the meat of the order in the the first but made a mistake in the second and it was three to nothing vegas. still she was a big re
there and win ball games of course. >> so nice. especially seven-game lead. 30,000 fans in williamsport little league. see mo'ne davis and pennsylvania take on nevada. first, austin, roping one into right center. boggled by the fielder. nevada up 1-0 early. but mo'ne would rebound. she strikes out the next three batters. she gets out of the inning just giving up a run. but this nevada team is good. won the first two games by a combined 21 runs guys. this is a two-run shot off davis. pennsylvania still live. they will play illinois in an elimination game tomorrow. so the countdown is on for the redskins preseason game against the ravens. robert griffin acknowledged he needs a new approach, one to help the team win with him in one piece. that's what coach jay gruden has been preaching, protect your foot bull and yourself. he's been in that same position. griffin asked today what it is like having a former qb like gruden as your coach. >> it's just been great working with jay. he can see it from our perspective. he understands what we're going through there in the pocket. he is a great mind for t
in williamsport tonight. chris? >> reporter: good evening, a heartbreaking loss for the taney dragons losing just minuting a eight to one against las vegas. the score really didn't tell the story. taney was in this as they are most of these games. i want to show you what's going on on the field right now. actually taney just went into their clubhouse as we speak, but take look at some video just a few minutes ago. the las vegas team celebrating during the final out just minutes ago. taney had their chances. taney coming in here as the hometown favorite here in williamsport. 34,000 people here in attendan attendance. that's 10 more thousand than the phillies got tonight. they could not pull out one of their signature wins. mo'ne davis giving up three runs as pitcher being pulled in the third inning just not enough for this taney team. this was their dream just getting here. winning the title is just going to be icing on the cake and that dream is still alive despite the loss tonight. now, keep in mind this team just got their little league charter two yours ago. they never thought they'd be playin
to see her. nbc's katy tur has our report from williamsport, p.a. >> reporter: at 13 years old mo'ne davis has a mind for victory, and an arm like a cannon. with a 70-mile-per-hour fastball, philadelphia's star pitcher has been shattering records at the little league world series. her specialty? >> hitting homers. and striking boys out. >> reporter: just ask the boys from nashville who she shut out on friday. the first girl to ever do that in tournament history. also the first little league player ever, boy or girl, to make the cover of "sports illustrated". >> she plays like a girl. >> no, she doesn't. no. >> yes, she does. that's right. high-five. >> playing like a girl's a great thing. i don't see why boys can't play like us. >> reporter: a long way coming for little league in general whose first girl player cut her hair off so she could pretend to be a boy. that was in 1950. last week she threw out the tournament's first pitch here where only 18 girls have had a chance to step up to the plate. 12-year-old cleanup batter victoria brucker was the first to get a hit in 1989. >> i
in williamsport, watching philadelphia's little league team. ace pitcher mo'ne davis is a big part of the draw. >> throwing 70 miles an hour. that's throwing like a girl. >> reporter: the 13-year-old is the only girl in little league history to throw a complete shut-out in a world series game. >> all i have to do is just stay calm. >> reporter: how do you do that? >> i don't know, i just-- it's just my instinct to calm down because i know we still have to bat and our bats are dangerous so i just have to stay calm with it and your team will help you out. >> reporter: her team is the first from philadelphia ever to make it to the little league world series. 12-year-old kai cummings plays center field. >> it's crazy. all the time i spent last year watching and this is something i finally get to do myself. >> reporter: the little leaguers have some big league fans, including the philadelphia phillies. several players were part of the philly's r.b.i. program, reviving baseball in inner cities. general manager rubin amaro, jr. >> this community is rallying around them and very, very proud of everyth
, these kids know better. elaine quijano, cbs news, south williamsport, pennsylvania. >> pelley: and that's the cbs evening news for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night.
in williamsport and, matt, it's almost time for that first pitch. >> reporter: chris, it is almost time for that first pit pitch. the rain has stop. the sun has come out. beautiful night for little league baseball here in williamsport and when mow any davis and taney dragons take the field a little bit later on tonight, there's going to be thus sands of people in the stands cheering them on. you can't go two feet here in williamsport without seeing the mid atlantic t-shirts. these kids from taney have taken this town and this country by storm. >> we went in to get our mid atlantic t shirts they were in the back corner everyone was just funnel link there. >> these players are just like phenomenal. they're just like phenomenal. they're all top grade players. >> reporter: if popularity these days is measured in facebook friends and retweets, phillies little leaguers are the coolest kids on the diamond. jason king started the team's twitter account just over week ago. thousands of followers later he's blown away. >> tweeted with michelle obama, chris rock, mike trout even lism l wayne. so e
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